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H.M. Coroner

Coroners must be informed of a death if it was in anyway unnatural, unclear, caused by an industrial illness or the deceased had not been in recent care of a doctor. Also if the deceased is to be moved out of the country or the death was abroad and is to be brought into the country, the Coroner must be informed.

Sometimes the Coroner will issue a certificate acknowledging that he has been advised of a death but stating he sees no need for further enquiry by his office.

In other circumstances the Coroner may ask for an examination to clarify the exact cause of death. Usually, when a natural cause of death is established, the Coroner issues a certificate and releases the body of the deceased back to the family/executors very soon afterwards.

A coroner must hold an inquest if the cause of death is still unknown.

The death can’t be registered until after the inquest, but the coroner can give you an interim death certificate to prove the person has passed away. You can use this to let organisations know of the death and apply for probate. When the inquest is over the coroner will tell the registrar what to put in the register.